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Dear Mom Thank You

Dear Mom, Thank You

Happy Mother’s Day mamas! Treat yourselves, you deserve it

You get French lingerie! And YOU get French lingerie! Yes mamas, we know you’ve been put through the wringer lately, taking care of everyone else and surviving. Here are treats curated just for you by us at Lingerie Francaise. Go ahead! You deserve.


For the high-fashion mamas who won’t accept “quarantine” as an excuse when the following question is asked: shall we start wearing pyjamas during the day now? The answer is no, here are some gorgeous bodysuits.

Belle Illusion bodysuit by Lou Lingerie

The Belle Illusion bodysuit by Lou Lingerie and its surprising graphic pattern bring refinement (and a delicious coral color) to life on the daily. We at Lingerie Francaise have a huge crush. Also exists in ivory.

Shade bodysuit by Maison Lejaby

Made of silk and wireless. These are only two of our favorite things about the Shade bodysuit by Maison Lejaby. It mixes lace with an ultra comfortable satin microfiber and lace for a perfect natural fit and beautiful details in all the best womanly places. All hail adorned hips and décolletage!

Aurora bodysuit

Légèreté, liberté, sensualité. Lightness, freedom, sensuality: France’s slightly transformed credo to illustrate just what Empreinte’s spring summer 2020 collection is promising. And their Aurora bodysuit embodies all these things to a tee with its ultra feminine floral lace top part. An homage to femininity.


Classic is not boring. Classic will never go out of fashion and will last forever. Here come our favorite lingerie brands, proving just how much we need classics in our lives.

Oxygène, Lou

Oxygène, Lou Lingerie’s iconic line, carries the invisible nude classics any wardrobe desperately needs. Yet it’s not too plain jane and comes with lovely lace details. Here seen in triangle form, it comes in all manners of shapes to accommodate all manners of voluptuousness.

Lise Charmel

In a quest for clean beauty and class, Épure by Lise Charmel brought us Sexy Teasing. With its unequivocally simplicity, Sexy Teasing is lavish in other ways: it’s in the sensation of pleasure when we wear, the satisfying feeling that it gives us the best fit and support. And for us collectors, it comes in an array of beautiful colors!

Bahia by Aubade

No, we won’t shut up about Bahia by Aubade. It’s the classic of all classics. The Mother classic if you will. This emblematic line has been in existence for a long time and we’ve never grown tired of it. How could we? Look at it! With its graphic and floral pattern and different bra shapes for all in pure, bright white, it is just striking.


Introducing bright summer colors into our lives right now, even though it’s not quite summer yet. Because let’s face it, we need the lift and the eye candy.


Let's be the happiest in the happiest color of the spectrum. Antigel knows how to take care of our morale by coloring our upcoming summer in bright orange with these gorgeous swimsuits. Beach or no beach, we are so getting these for ourselves: L’Avatar sexy one-piece suit and the La Cordelière bikini with its double shot of cheerful orange.

Mosaic wireless foam triangle + brief by Chantelle

The Mosaic wireless foam triangle + brief by Chantelle. Now here’s a bikini that promotes comfortable support AND style! In a flattering shade of green with nature-inspired mosaic details, it makes changing from our day pj’s into a swimsuit NOT our worst nightmare. Thank you Chantelle!

 Douceur de Rêve Triangle bikini by Aubad

A legendary swimsuit, the Douceur de Rêve Triangle bikini by Aubade will never go out of style. It comes in several shades of color to satisfy all skin tones and can be worn with or without its moulded cups. Completely versatile, it is the perfect swimsuit for your next seaside adventure.


One-piece swimsuits have been all the rage these past couple years. And since what women want, women should get, here are our top picks for this season, with a guarantee that you won’t see them on everyone else.

 Elegance Couture halter swimsuit by Lise Charmel

The Elegance Couture halter swimsuit by Lise Charmel has a superpower: everytime we wear it, we feel like a Bond girl! It has a total Ursula Andress in Dr. No feel to it and we want all these vibes in our life. Check out the bikini version of it, it’s even more uncanny! In bright red, because we deserve to be noticed.

Sense one-piece swimsuit by Chantelle

Did someone order simplicity with a side of sophistication? The Sense one-piece swimsuit by Chantelle is one-of-a-kind with its asymmetrical, one-shoulder neckline and tasteful crescent gold accent. This one-piece might just awaken the beach diva in you, and life would not be worse for it.

Diamond Beach by Maison Lejaby

Diamond Beach by Maison Lejaby. Because we needed a little metallic orange and green foliage in this article. The halter neck, which can be adjusted or untied, is super flattering thanks to the gathered top. Made in raw materials straight from Italy, everything about this one-piece suit feels plush. So much so that special occasions should be created just for it.
May 06, 2020 
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