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Best Of France {September 2021}

Best Of France {September 2021}

Best Of France {September 2021}

Here is Lingerie Francaise’s edit of all that we love that’s hot right now (or hot yet again) and all the rage in France, circa September 2021. We try hard to keep our finger on the pulse of all culture and fashion matters. Here are just a few of our favorite things:

Let’s Eat France

Let's Eat France

We’ve been pouring over what we are now officially calling the bible of French food: Let’s Eat France. It covers, in no particular order of preference, 1,250 specialty foods, 375 iconic recipes, 350 topics and goodness are we, even as French people, learning about delicacies, cooking secrets, and culinary history!
So much good information is presented in a fun, ad-hoc way, that you will never guess what the next page holds, and that is half the fun right there!

In Progress: the Annual Grape Harvest

France is in the midst of its annual grape harvest season, a magical time for us wine drinkers. It is a time worth annotating because, as we transition from summer to fall, we finally reap the fruit from seeds planted many moons ago. Many crops are harvested at that time of year, a cornucopia of flavors, colors, and smells, not the least of them being grapes which, when squeezed and squashed and macerated, give way to the nectar of the Gods, our beloved wine.

It is also a time of hard labor and community. In Burgundy, one of the main wine regions in France (named by the New York Times as the “world’s most influential wine region”), grape harvesting is still mainly done by hand, gathering winemakers and wine amateurs, family and friends, amidst the vines, with shears to clip and pick the sun-gorged orbs.

Again, in Burgundy, the end of the harvest is celebrated with La Paulée, an extravagant luncheon that starts at noon and continues well into the evening. Picture long communal tables for all the harvest workers to enjoy a delightful meal side by side, with much wine flowing and never emptying glasses, of course. It is the quintessential French hospitality experience - often held in old stone buildings with a soul - which we would cut our right arm off to be invited to… (below pic from the movie Back to Burgundy, which we advise all wine lovers to watch):

Back to Burgundy

The Timeless Button-Down Blouse

The button-down blouse for women: in turn masculine and ultra feminine, alternating between workwear and leisure wear, is it back in yet again? Or has it never left?

What we will tell you is that we’re willing to bet a few Euros that more than 90% of French women have at least one - white, most likely - in their closet.

We will always have white button-down shirts (because it’s a flawless look when worn with jeans), but the trend this Fall is pointing towards prints.

Below are our absolute favorites from the new collections of iconic ready-to-wear French brands:

Boby shirt by Sezane, pic by Sezane

Lacy with an antique look, the Boby shirt by Sezane, a French brand that never seems to miss the mark.

Floaty shirt by Sandra, Pic by Sandro

Perfectly blousy with a jabot (ornamental ruffle) collar fit for a Queen living in Versailles, the Floaty shirt by Sandro.

Cher Juy shirt by Leon and Harper, Pic by Leon and Harper

Traditional Toile de Juy fabric is making a comeback, and this perfectly tailored Cher Juy shirt by Leon and Harper is an ode to it (shown in Petale).
September 24, 2021 
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