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Dark Blue is the New Black

Dark Blue is the New Black

Dark lingerie to brighten up our shortening days

W “The blue of the sky is one of the most special colors in the world, because the color is deep but see-through at the same time. The sky is special".

An ode to the night skies which are now officially engulfing us, here is our favorite dark blue lingerie to brighten up our shortening days. This Fall, dark blue may just be the New Black.

Soir de Venise by Lise Charmel

If the term Glam bra were ever to be coined, it would be right here, right now, by Lise Charmel and their ultra glamorous collection, Soir de Venise. Complete with vertiginous plunges, embroideries with venetian iconic motifs, and Swarovski crystals, Soir de Venise now comes in a Venise blue that'll only confirm those who wear it to be the undisputed Rulers of the Night.

Gemma by Lou Lingerie

Comfortable, sober, elegant, the trifecta of the perfect bra embodied by Lou Lingerie’s Gemma. This collection was designed to sculpt the bust, and provide both lightness and optimal support. Shown in Midnight Blue, it also exists in a warm Cashew Brown. Their coordinated culotte (high-waisted briefs) is positively mesmerizing.

Wish by Simone Perele

Here's a lovely bouquet of Midnight Blue flowers to adorn our decolletage, by Simone Perele. A delicate collection with floral embroidering and guipure lace, Wish envelops the bust and offers a yummy push-up effect. We couldn't Wish for anything more.

Louise by Empreinte

Unlined is beautiful. Full transparency (see what we did there?), we find the Louise lace underwire low-neck bra by Empreinte Lingerie to be so fantastically betwitching. Oooh the sexy sheer cups and the embroidery and the guipure in the deepest of navy blues!

Marguerite bodysuit by Simone Perele

Business in the front and party in the back (and once again, ooooh the plunge), the lacy Marguerite bodysuit by Simone Perele will rock your world. We love love love its attempt at modesty on the front side (although the transparency is not fooling any of us) and the way it lets it rip in the back! We also love the way it marks the waist so beautifully.

Julia by Louisa Bracq

What is needed to electrify the night? Good company, good music, a bra like no other. Julia in Nuit Électrique by Louisa Bracq is so special with its deep cups, flaming embroidery, honeycomb pattern, and jacquard. The result is positively hypnotic.
September 30, 2021 
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