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Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade Paris collaboration

Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade Paris

A match made in (heaven) high fashion

Only a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Aubade Paris could do this: create a  black tie line of lingerie.

Ripe with clip-on collars, black satin, ruby reds, and waist cinchers, this Fall 2021 capsule collection of lingerie and corsetry promises to bring back seduction and formal wear in a world (and at a time) where comfort has been proclaimed king.

When you think about it, this collab makes absolute sense:

Karl Lagerfeld , always perfectly attired and cinched and fitted, long-time creative director of Chanel, introduced glam chic to the world, never derived from simple elegant designs, and lavishly used the color black in every collection.

Since its inception, Aubade Paris has been firmly positioned as a couture stylist in the world of lingerie, and the maker of elegant designs requiring meticulous work on luxurious materials.

Both brands are known the world over for their attention to the details that make all the difference. Both brands revere the female form. Both brands eat elegance for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a side of mischief, always.

The result? A tuxedo to be worn under the tuxedo, if you will.

The message? Formality (with a wink) is not dead.

All models will fit cups A through F and sizes XS through XXL.

Already feeling the buzz of anticipation? Here's more, view the behind-the-scenes video:

Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade Paris

Karl Lagerfeld x Aubade Paris
August 24, 2021 
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