Maison Lejaby adds new charm to traditional lingerie and a modern take on women and on its era.

Maison Lejaby is not a fashion brand or a luxury brand, it is a Creative Maison. It is more affordable than luxury brands, its expertise makes it stand out from fashion brands, its image and creativity reinvent traditional lingerie.

Maison Lejaby has cultivated its expertise since 1930 with the knowhow of its Lyon design workshops.

It perpetuates and reinvents unique, fine lingerie composed of the most beautiful materials, in accordance with traditional practices.

A Maison Lejaby bra consists of 50 pieces and 10 materials assembled in 22 manufacturing stages.

Our designers select the most beautiful materials from exclusive European suppliers, who work with the most prestigious fashion houses.

These materials are carefully chosen to ensure comfort and support until larger sizes.
Maison Lejaby perpetuates its knowhow through a partnership with one of the few institutions which trains designer lingerie makers: Adrien Testud.


The 1930s : Gabrielle creates her first bras, the «soutiens-gorge de La Gaby». The brand name «Lejaby» originated from her name.

The 1960s : Lejaby is the first brand to exclusively use Lycra fibre to create its bras.

The 1970s : Lejaby decides to support the women’s liberation movement by providing them with a brightly-coloured, triangular bra. Its name: Miss Liberty.

The 1990s : Lejaby launches its Nuage line, the first use of microfibre and the first invisible model. It becomes a great success.

The 2000s : Lejaby launches its Elixir or Lejaby + collection, offering an unrivalled fit for plus sizes.

The 2010s : Lejaby becomes Maison Lejaby and modernizes itself with the launch of iconic lines such as MISSLEJABY and NUFIT; and revives its swimwear collection.

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More than 3.800 points of sale worldwide Distribution through major European department stores (400 dept stores and Key accounts) and lingerie boutiques (3.800 Pos).


Address : 
392 rue des Mercières
Parc du Lyonnais
Bâtiment B4
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape 
 Tel: +33 4 72 01 55 00
Fax: +33 4 78 88 55 14

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