As a designer of exceptional lingerie and swimwear, Empreinte enhances the figure by inventing a whole new aesthetic: elegant and glamorous French seductive styling.

Each season and since always, Empreinte has set itself apart with its expertise as a corsetry designer as well as its creative freedom.  Its product excellence as well its brand attractiveness make Empreinte an essential player in the Lingerie in France and on the international market.


Empreinte was created in Brest in 1946, by Jean Le Her. Ingenious, inquisitive and passionate, he quickly became interested in the technical side of the products and how they could be adapted to suit the female figure.

During the 50s, the brand's first two designers pooled their ideas and created, for the first time in France, cup sizes A, B and C. Voted Designer of the Year in 2011, Empreinte excels itself by the quality of its products and the creativity of its collections, all designed for the generous Beauties.

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Domestic: 1200 retail outlets. Multibrand retail, department stores in France and International.

International: 1500 retail outlets


Adress: 5 rue de l’Eau Blanche, ZI Kergonan
29200 Brest, France
Tel: +33 2 98 02 33 39
Fax: +33 2 98 41 85 99

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