Exhibition Lingerie Francaise in Shanghaï

22 October 2012

Citic Square Atrium, Shanghaï

French Lingerie shows its best in Shanghai

French Lingerie shows its best in Shanghai at the Citic Square Atrium, from October 22 to November 26th, 2012, after revealing its charms in London and Paris. Open to all, from the general public to fashion professionals from all over the world, the exhibition shines a spotlight on the savoir-faire and creativity of French lingerie, which is famous well beyond French borders and is worn by millions of women the world over.

Diving into the collections of AUBADE, BARBARA, CHANTELLE, EMPREINTE, IMPLICITE, LEJABY, LOU, LISE CHARMEL, PASSIONATA, PRINCESSE TAM.TAM, and SIMONE PÉRÈLE made it possible to tell the story of this lingerie worn by millions of women around the world…

The retrospective begins in the 1880’s, and ends with the creations of tomorrow. Based around the most symbolic items in the long history of French lingerie, the exhibition is enhanced with video installations that will bring to life this storied past by showing the most striking advertising imagery, films and photos from each era.

The story told here is both chronological and thematic. The setting, designed by the "la Ptite Histoire" agency, is highly modern, deliberately minimalist and refined. Each of the 260 pieces of lingerie included in the exhibition is showcased individually, but placed in a thematic context. Thus, throughout the show, different areas will be delineated within the space: nude, white or black lingerie, trendy lingerie, sexy, technical or inspired by couture…

The presentation closes with a spectacular effect: the magic of a life-sized hologram, presenting a trans-historic striptease. As an unusual treat, for a few minutes, undergarments worn by models will transform to represent the evolution of the feminine silhouette, of body language and, of course, of the lingerie of each era.

The exhibition is continued through the publication of a richly-illustrated book by Editions Plon, which will be available in bookstores starting in September 2012, in both French and English (retail price: 25 €)


1168 Nanjing Lu
October 22 November 5 , 2012

Steering Commitee
Catherine Ormen, Independent Curator
Christine Beauduc, Promincor – Lingerie Française
Anne-Laure Linget, Fédération de la Maille & de la Lingerie
Ulyana Sukach, Fédération de la Maille & de la Lingerie

For further information, please contact:
+33 1 55 90 04 00

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