Exhibition Lingerie Francaise in New York

30 July 2013

Chelsea Market, New York

From the Corset to Girdles

French Lingerie in Retrospective

A retrospective covering over 100 years of glorious French lingerie is coming to New York  this autumn in what is set to be the most captivating exhibition of the year.

New York, July 5 2013 — Following the shows in Paris, London, Shanghai, Dubai, and Berlin, the travelling exhibition ‘Lingerie Française’ has arrived in New York. The French association PROMINCOR presents the history of French Lingerie from July 30th until August 6th 2013 at Chelsea Market in New York. The international show reviews 100 years of French expertise in creativity and luxury.

Eleven renowned French lingerie manufacturers — Aubade, Barbara, Chantelle, Empreinte, Implicite, Lise Charmel, Lou, Maison Lejaby, Passionata, Princesse tam.tam and Simone Pérèle — open their treasures to the public. This unique exhibition demonstrates the influence lingerie products have been exerting on society — from the late nineteenth century up until the present day.

In total, 150 exhibits will be presented: The oldest of which date back to the late nineteenth century. Exhibits range from ancient corsets and bras to prototypes of modern lingerie combining a functional and aesthetic claim. Next to the historical pieces on display, the exhibition also offers a unique view into the chronology by means of providing moving images and pictures.

A special installation provides the visitor with a new perspective, namely that of lingerie as a seismograph for societal values such as morale and convention. The show culminates in a "Trans-Historical Striptease": A life-sized hologram illustrates the development of lingerie with a view to the change of the female silhouette and her body language.

The show is supplemented by a publication of the Paris based publisher "Plon", the latter having published a book with the title ‘Lingerie Française’. The historian Catherine Ormen presents impressions with interpretations of the renowned photographer Gilles Berquet. The book is available in the English and French languages and offers a comprehensive retrospective of French Lingerie from the late nineteenth century up until today.

The exhibition is powered by PROMINCOR – LINGERIE FRANÇAISE, an association for the promotion of the French Lingerie sector, representing the interests of the manufacturers all over the world. The organization of fashion shows and the publishing of literature is a central part of the association’s work. The French Committee for the Development and Promotion of Apparel, the DEFI – LA MODE DE FRANCE, supports the "Lingerie Française" exhibition.


75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
30 juillet-6 août 2013
Entry is free of charge.
Lingerie Française Contact:
Phone : +33 1 55 90 04 00
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