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Anima Bleue by Antigel

An Ocean of Blue

Summer 2021 swimwear comes in fifty shades of blue, and that makes us happy as a clam

May 25 - There’s hope yet. Summer soon will be coming out of a year-long hiatus, and with it, its smells, its breezes, its sun rays we’re desperate to absorb. As we prepare for our long-awaited summer of rapture, we start ferociously shopping for the perfect swimwear, the finding of which is, let’s be honest, a lifelong pursuit.

An ode to summer skies and seas, there is deep, cool, navy, bright, pale… blue swimwear as far as the eye can see; an ocean of them really, which we wouldn't mind diving into.

Our French brands designed a flurry of blue swimsuits, here are our favorites:

La baie des vagues by Aubade Paris

Ursula Andress eat your heart out! (but not really, we love you Ursula) The triangle bikini top with a fancy schmancy name top looks like a modern version of that two-piece bikini that made her a legend and just might be what we need to hook us some Dr. No’s, maybe even a few Dr. Yes’. We whole-heartedly believe that the secret is in the buckle but in doubt, we’ll welcome the lovely button details and white-piped edging the La baie des vagues bikini top and brazilian bikini bottom by Aubade Paris have to offer. Shown in encre bleue (blue ink), comes with removable moulded cups for support only when you need it most.

Brise du sud by Aubade Paris

For as long as we can remember, tye n’ dye has been in, then out, then in again, which in short means that it never, ever really goes out of style. It will always be a guaranteed success in a pearly white and classic navy. So no, you are absolutely not crazy for wanting this Brise du sud one-piece swimsuit by Aubade and its sexy plunge neckline, bad.

Escape by Chantelle

Perfect summer outfit alert! The Mazarine blue Escape bikini top by Chantelle peaking out is everything. We LOVE: the boost effect, courtesy of the half (shape memory) padded cups for support up to G size; the adjustable straps and their many positioning possibilities; the unusual blue color.

Ultramarine by Chantelle

Simple but efficient, the very chic Ultramarine one-piece suit by Chantelle could very well become this summer’s go to. We are particularly turned on by its ultra feminine shape, sensualicious deep plunge on the front, and deep nocturnal blue shade. It may be wireless, but it comes with foam cups for added comfort and support. Two thumbs up!

Plaisir régate by Lise Charmel

Aye, aye, Captain! The nautical theme turns out to be a bottomless pit of gorgeous swimwear. Another fine example, the Plaisir régate cropped bustier bikini top and its classic bikini bottom with adjustable ties in a gorgeous navy blue color. Both the top and the bottom in this shape are supportive and corseted enough to make your bosoms and bottoms look like two perfect scoops of ice cream, and we’re not mad about that.

Soleil floral by Lise Charmel

Make space for an elaborate motif worthy of cult French brand Hermès! The Soleil floral two-piece bikini by Lise Charmel might just become the Sistine Chapel of the beach this summer, artfully displaying nautical and natural ocean details in bright blues with hints of greens and yellows. Our absolute favorite shapes are the padded bikini top and classic bikini bottom with adjustable ties, though make sure to check out the rest of the collection because “I spy” a gorgeous pareo!

Anima Bleue by Antigel

Part reptilian part butterfly, the Anima Bleue swimsuit by Antigel brings major mermaid qualities to the table. With its underwired, deep cups, the bikini top offers utmost support and guarantees everything stays in place as it should. Its irresistibly soft stretch fabric is a fresca masterpiece, evoking metamorphosis and rebirth in a range of blues, an ode to the ocean. Here shown the triangle bikini top and classic briefs.
May 24, 2021 
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