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Saga by Simone Pérèle

A leisurely stroll in Victorian Gardens

Pastel, neutral, and floral lingerie favorites

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables 

These lingerie sets may very well be the undergarment equivalent of a bucolic walk in Victorian gardens, offering blooms prettier than the other at every turn, cascading ferns and soothing waterfalls, arabesques and soft, round shapes from every perspective.

Romantic lingerie in ivories, soft pinks and yellows, is very much IN right now, confirming that we are indeed firmly set in another era that values simpler, natural pleasures and aesthetics. Just see for yourself:

Ginger Natural by Empreinte

Embroidery and lace combine beautifully on the Ginger Natural plunge bra by Empreinte, an equal opportunity neckline enhancer. The embroidered scalloped edge, sparkling with rhinestones and lurex, is exceptionally stylish and well crafted. Special mention to the Ginger high-waist briefs and garter, which complete this hybrid romantic/sensual look.

Emotion Beauté by Lise Charmel

Femininity can be simple and bare. Femininity can be ornate. We've been of the latter mood lately and have been lusting over the Emotion Beauté bra by Lise Charmel, which has all the ornate we need: silk satin, floral edges blooming upon our breasts, spaghetti straps to let our shoulders shine, and a swarovski crystal to boot.

Poésie Parisienne by Lou

The Poésie Parisienne bra by Lou is timeless, combining the elegance of traditionally handmade Calais lace with a masculine/feminine touch. This underwired bra highlights the natural curve of the breast, its luminous ivory color enlightening any and all complexions without fail.

Flora jonquille by Maison Lejaby

Leaves for the body. Flora by Maison Lejaby, its tattooed foliage effect and eco-conscious fabrics, nearly make this push-up bra indissociable from our own skin. The cups are fitted with progressive padding for maximum support. Shown here in a sunny daffodil (jonquille) yellow.

Fleur de tattoo by Aubade Paris

The Fleur de tattoo lingerie set by Aubade Paris is pure delight. Light as a feather but supportive still, the bra offers a natural lift to the bosom. Its intricate floral motifs, combining embroidered flowers with delicate stripes, perfectly follow our curves, seducing us over and over again with a play on transparency and a tattoo effect made possible by the use of extra-fine tulle.

Saga by Simone Pérèle

Every day lived as a woman is a heroic achievement, but it sure is made a little softer by light yellow lingerie. Presenting the Saga sheer demi bra and thongs by Simone Pérèle, now available in a color that feels like Spring, and a little but like summer, too.

Dahlia by Simone Pérèle

The full coverage Dahlia plunge bra by Simone Pérèle is a limited edition underwired beauty and the best kind of flowers we personally believe can be bought for ourselves or gifted to others. Its decadent and feminine embroidery (which, duh, doesn’t wilt) adorns sheer tulle cups, which are (a rare affair) actually as flattering as they are supportive. Shown here in a yummy limited edition Papaya color - not the least of its attributes we actually fell in love with.

May 11, 2021 
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