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SIN Maison Lejaby

Mothers of the World

Built from Love, made for Lingerie

Our world is full of moms. Whether you have actually procreated or not, you have been a mother to someone: picked your partner back up, dusted them off and sent them on their way? Listened judgement-free to a friend rant as they process through a difficult time? Taught or inspired someone to show grace? And of course, caressed and soothed your child to sleep? You are a mother. And today, until May 9th, we especially celebrate you.

Here’s some French lingerie you might want to treat yourself to, or drop not so subliminal hints to your significant other ahead of Mother’s Day.

Forever Classics

Oxygene by Lou Lingerie

A breath of fresh air might feel like the simplest thing, yet near is a luxury these days. The Oxygène wired bra by Lou Lingerie, its ultra-fine Lycra and lovely scalloped edges, offers a much needed softness and lightness of being (without compromising coverage or support). Here shown in pink nude.

Valse by Maison Lejaby

The Valse bra by Maison Lejaby waltzes in and all of a sudden, yes, we want it. Hard. This perfect embroidered, wireless triangle bra and its see-through, delicate cups offer the perfect peekaboo experience. Same same for its perfect embroidered briefs, which we love love love. Shown in divine opaline.

Culte Beaute by Antigel Lise Charmel

The Culte Beauté lingerie line by Antigel cling to our bodies like a second skin. In a crisp white, this bra with criss-cross straps, a sporty look, and cheeky briefs, is the classic of all classics.

Opulent Lingerie

Tribal by Louisa Bracq

Stylized Art Deco meets striking tribal tattoos in this contemporary collection calledTribal. Tribal motifs were re-worked to be made rounder and more feminine while keeping their visual intensity. The mix of satin black fabric and transparency embroidered with a sparkling silver thread is positively mesmerizing. Special mention: the Tribalasymmetrical dress with a round neck, a deep V cut in the back, and delicately embroidered short sleeves.

Toi mon Amour by Aubade Paris

Just imagine slipping into this decadent silk on a warm night, the crispness of the Toi Mon Amour silk cami and boxers against your skin, you playing an act of seduction on… yourself. Don’t keep the good pieces for another day or for someone else. Today, and you, deserve the best. By Aubade Paris, the forever sponsor of opulent lingerie.

Boost up your Chantelle collection

SoftStretch by Chantelle Paris

Chantelle’s seamless SoftStrech hipster is one-size underwear that truly fits all. We can thank its high-performance fabric engineered to stretch and adapt to all body types. This pioneering line of undies has been receiving accolades from editors and customers alike. Get one in every color! Shown in light turquoise.

SoftStretch by Chantelle Paris

And in citrus, our special springtime crush high-waist briefs.

Pont Neuf by Chantelle Paris

The ultra comfortable, full-coverage cups of the Pont Neuf full coverage bra by Chantelle have extra stretch, adjusting to your size and shape. It provides maximum lift and support, elongating the proportions and refining the waist.

Norah by Chantelle Paris

The Norah molded bra by Chantelle is on its way to become our new go-to bra. The buttery soft fabric stretches from front to back, combining full support with unparalleled comfort. The floral details of the cups have a unique look while ensuring that they remain invisible under any piece of clothing.

50 shades of green... swimwear

Pixy by Empreinte

"Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly." - Van Morrison would approve the Pixy 2-piece swimsuit by Empreinte, in a beautiful bright turquoise.

Progressive by Lise Charmel

We'll be right here, dreaming of a blue lagoon far, far away, in our bejeweled Progressive top + Brazilian low waist bikini by Lise Charmel.

La Plage Ensoleillee by Aubade Paris

Total pin-up look alert! We found the perfect swimsuit to play 1950's bombshell on the beach this summer: introducing La Plage Ensoleillée push-up bikini top and its high-waist briefs in mineral green by Aubade Paris.

April 29, 2021 
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