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Inspire by Maison Lejaby

Fit n’ Chic

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live

Check in: we’re two months into the year, and guess what? We still want our bodies to flex, stretch, push, sweat, work for it, tingle. We want to be masterpieces in motion. We want to feel ALIVE… so long as everything’s still where it’s supposed to be when we emerge from that downward-facing-dog-sprint-grand-jeté! We’ve been looking for the very best sports lingerie out there so we don’t compromise chicness for fitness. Read on and get on it!

IN-PULSE by Empreinte

In-Pulse sports bra by Empreinte

Where are our luscious busty ladies out there? Empreinte’s first activewear collection In-Pulse was made just for you. It is the result of three years of intense research and development; needless to say, it has been built for speed and bounce. Both functional and chic (it is possible), In-Pulse offers a minimalist, modern, graphic look and guarantees support up to H cups. We are in love. Shop the bra and the coordinated briefs now.

Inspire by Maison Lejaby

Sporty Chic T-shirt by Maison Lejaby Inspire

At a time when our bodies are crumpled by months of inertia, then revolution, then inertia again, and nothing in between, we have never craved centeredness, movement, and air more. Enter Maison Lejaby and their impeccable timing, having recently launched Inspire, their brand new line of chill yet elegant, eco-conscious clothing. Here it all is in one gorgeous collection we don’t foresee growing tired of anytime soon. Shop now on if we had you at “eco-conscious”, or take a deeper dive into the Inspire universe with our recently dedicated article.

All the sports bras by Chantelle

Sport High Impact Active Bra by Chantelle

Designed for any and all activities from low to high impact, Chantelle’s women’s sports bras are made of high-tech fabrics that are moisture absorbent and ultra breathable. There’s a Chantelle sports bra for every woman and every shape, with some models awesomely modular to adapt to more or less lift and support. Browse all of their models now.

Harmony by Simone Perele

Harmony by Simone Perele

Powerful women deserve powerful sports bras. Nuff said. We love that the Harmony bra, designed to mold with your body, comes in medium impact and high impact and packs a chic punch. It also comes with all the bells and whistles: removable pads, soft terry-lined band, breathable fabrics, gold trim… Power for you, power for you, power for all of you!
February 28, 2021 
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