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You have a Rendez-Vous today

You have a “Rendez-Vous” today

A very French short film by Lingerie Française

Our short film "Rendez-vous" is out, check it out immediately if not sooner!

This 8-minute rhythmic digital performance - alternating intimate scenes and dance numbers - celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and natural beauty through stunning photography and movement. It proudly features 10 women, 20 to 60 years young, sizes 34 to 44, and cup sizes ranging from A to E. It was imperative for us to show the diversity of women, all different, all beautiful. And may we say, mission accomplished! 

Ten of the most prestigious brands of French lingerie provided the wardrobe for the shoot and our wishlist just exploded! Put together, the on-set outfits represent the very best lingerie collection a woman can have, courtesy of Antigel, Aubade, Chantelle, Empreinte, Passionata, Lise Charmel, Lou, Louisa Bracq, Maison Lejaby et Simone Pérèle.

Rendez-Vous walks the line between reality and imagination, and introduces us from frame to frame to the values we are amplifying around the world:


Women are now more independent and more free than ever, and not a minute too soon! Lingerie has been both an expression and a catalyst of this emancipation. We purchase our own lingerie, wear what we please to embrace different facets of ourselves, express our feelings, explore our cravings, as we wish.

The perfect fit

The perfect fit is one that responds to all women’s needs regardless of body type, age, lifestyle… at all moments of their lives. It is achieved thanks to the heritage, the know-how, the creativity and innovation of these legendary brands.

Ethical Lingerie

Lingerie Française stands behind lingerie with a purpose, designed and produced for all women equally. We support adherence toeco-responsible principles (ethical values, organic and recycled materials, lasting products to reduce waste…) in producing high-quality goods while maintaining integrity and respect for our planet.
Every creator must say this about their creation. But for us, Rendez-Vous is more than a film.

It is Art within Art within Art.

It is dedicated.

It has a purpose: to inspire women around the world to create and live by their own rules.

Watch it now:

"Rendez-Vous" was a 6-day shoot in outdoor settings and a studio that gathered a team of more than 50 creatives, innovative technologies, avant-garde artists equipped with an ALEXA video camera, top-of-the-line optical capabilities, real-time 3D, and a giant LED screen. It was a shoot in wintry Paris during a global pandemic, challenging logistics, new health processes and constraints we of course obliged. And it was ALL WORTH IT!
January 31, 2021 
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