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Maison Lejaby Inspire new collection

Feel Good Fashion with a Green Mind

When French lingerie brand Maison Lejaby combines know-how with eco-consciousness, and it’s a breath of fresh air

At a time when our bodies and souls are both crumpled, crushed under the weight of a worldwide pandemic, an ongoing social reconstruction, and major political drama with heart-wrenching plot twists, we have never craved centeredness, movement, and air more.

Enter Maison Lejaby and their impeccable timing, launching Inspire, their brand new line of chill yet elegant, eco-conscious clothing.

What can be best described as feel-good fashion with a green mind is - if we may - timely af. Maison Lejaby is in pole position, equally flattering our bodies, fitness aspirations, and need for environmental change at a personal, practical level. 2020 could get decent after all.

Here it all is in one gorgeous collection we don’t foresee growing tired of anytime soon:

Seamless Softy sports bra by Maison Lejaby

The Seamless Softy, an ultra-soft sports bra made of plant-based fibers. The bra is designed with tension zones under the chest to ensure medium compression, ideal for all disciplines where the body is in movement. + the blue leggings for a total look. 

Seamless Softy Top by Maison Lejaby Inspire

This is one soft tank top, made with an ultra-soft yarn and knitted ultra-fine for comfort and weightlessness. Super breathable thanks to its T shape in the back, the Seamless Softy Top will be one less thing the weight of which you have to bear.

Sporty Chic T-shirt dress by Maison Lejaby Inspire

Are T-shirt dresses back or have they never left? Either way, we would have no qualms about living our lives in this beauty - all breezy and airy and soft. It wouldn’t suck as they say, to embody that model of relaxi-chic we find ourselves craving so much, aided by this Sporty Chic T-shirt dress with a trendy mid-calf length and a sexy side slit.

Sporty Chic sweat dress by Maison Lejaby Inspire

Add a cowl neck and a sweatshirt feel, and you find yourself wearing yet another version of the beloved shirt dress, sportier and shorter for unencumbered movement. Don’t think too much about it, put on the Sporty Chic sweat dress, stretch, and breaaathe.

Sporty Chic T-shirt by Maison Lejaby Inspire

Plant-based, casual, loose fit. We know we had you at casual, maybe even at plant-based. The Sporty Chic T-shirt relaxed fit and round collar will go up top just about anything, but definitely be most fitting on bodies in motion. Don’t. stop. moving.

Seamless Aere T-shirt by Maison Lejaby Inspire

A gentle heart may be tied with an easy thread, but a strong body definitely is tied with activewear made of recycled threads. The Seamless Aere T-shirt second-skin effect and targeted ventilated zones make it a hip-length fitness necessity, one we could buy in all the colors of the rainbow if at all possible. Plea to Maison Lejaby: please make it possible!

December 04, 2020 
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