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Soie d'Amour silk nightwear by Aubade

May Your Sleepwear Be the Stuff of Dreams

Shorter days, longer nights. This is what we’ll be wearing

Days are shortening like mad and we’re all about to spend a lot more time in the shadows. But there are some good news: a copious amount of productive, peaceful, delicious experiences can happen in bed, not the least of which is SLEEPING!

We suggest making it as sensuous as possible, because why on earth not?! Here’s sumptuous nightwear to help you do so:

Precieux Diademe long nightie by Lise Charmel

Best news of the day: Lise Charmel made a Précieux Diadème long nightie, a piece so rich that it could rival the most precious jewelry. THIS is OUR version of the crown jewels! Wrapping our body in this masterpiece for the night to come is, for lack of a better word… lush.

Toi mon Amour silk nightie by Aubade

You My Love… deserve a gorgeous silk nightie to make your nights incandescent. Toi mon Amour by Aubade and its mix of silky silk satin + lace for ultimate sensuality on the cleavage and hips, is like a shower of opulence on your curves. All. night. long

Patio Glycine by Lise Charmel

When you still want to have a touch of summer in your lingerie drawer... Explore Lise Charmel’s irresistible Patio Glycine pyjamas composed of a lovely camisole and sexy little lingerie shorts. The large flowers on a black background give these pyjama separates a romantic yet edgy look. They are perfection.

Pyjamas by Louisa Bracq

We are utterly and completely in love with what could become the most decadent-looking nightwear in the world. Almost a waste to wear to bed, Louisa Bracq’s Art Deco satin pyjamas FTW! Frankly we can totally see ourselves rocking all night, AND all day, everyday, adorned in metallic shimmer.

Soie d’Amour silk nightwear by Aubade

The Soie d’Amour silk cami and boxers by Aubade wrap the body in delicate silk satin encrusted with lace. The transparency of the embroidery at the hem and the daring lacing in the back are exquisitely sensual. Currently available in black, mother of pearl, or blonde, and soon in this dust pink + black combo.
September 24, 2020 
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