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Julia by Louise Bracq lingerie

Back-to-School Lingerie Inside and Out

Exciting French lingerie that takes the drag out of this time of year

Back-to-school is not just a reality for munchkins, it is for all of us. Summer is already but a faded memory, our skin barely remembering what the kiss of the sun felt like. Serious business is about to take place ladies and gents, and for it we need seriously gorgeous new lingerie to keep the mind and the body titillated.

Now that we’re back at the office or back online on mind-numbing video conference calls, here’s some exciting French lingerie that will take the drag out of this time of year, we promise:

Bahia et Moi St Tropez shorty by Aubade

When two of the most soulful places on earth meet, it gives us this magical Bahia et Moi St Tropez shorty. Its very sexy lacing is a true gift for lower back amateurs, and this particular model a spin on ye old faithful, everlasting, stunning Bahia line by Aubade (of which we should all have one in our lingerie drawer). Better late than never if that’s not already the case, this one is ripe for the taking!

Precieux Diademe by Lise Charmel

The Précieux Diadème bra by Lise Charmel is so intricate that it could rival the most precious jewelry. THIS is OUR version of the crown jewels! The boyshorts are also a work of art. Few words can explain. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll let you appreciate the sophistication of the embroidery and lace. Absolutely breathtaking.

Allure Noire by Empreinte Lingerie

Empreinte Lingerie is launching Allure, a luxurious, sport-chic collection designed to be light and gorgeous. We know back-to-school can be a marathon. What better to wear during this obstacle course than this black lace shorty, a seamless bra, and a light cami for full support and comfort? Shown in noir, which means black, but sounds better in French.

Pure Insolence by Lou Lingerie

In English, insolence translates into impertinence, or impudence. And though it may project the image of someone rude and unpolished, it can mean something entirely different for us French: une insolente is often seen as someone strong headed, an independent thinker who doesn’t much care about what others think. Les insolentes march to the beat of their own drum. They are this friend who both fascinated and terrified you in your teenage years. And when attributed to a younger woman (ageism is real and a worldwide phenomenon), it is all that more endearing.

Lou lingerie channeled just that youthful energy into their Pure Insolence collection. Particularly tasty are the bandeau bra and briefs, here shown in ivory. Rekindle with your inner insolente and get it today!

Silhouette by Maison Lejaby

Girdle doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. Maison Lejaby made it so that we are lusting over Silhouette, their collection of shapewear that shapes beautifully without compressing, squashing, or cutting off the blood flow to essential limbs. If there ever was a girdle to wear... it would be this one and its nude triangle bra for full effect.

Julia by Louisa Bracq

A flaming hot symbol of femininity, the Julia line by Louisa Bracq perfectly highlights the curves of a woman's body. The mix of solid black fabric and transparency with a flame + honeycomb pattern embroidered in a sparkling silver thread is positively mesmerizing. Back-to-school has never looked better.
September 04, 2020 
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