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Chantilly by Louisa Bracq Lingerie Francaise

White Lingerie To Make Our Summer Tan Linger

Because we want the glow to last us through the Fall

We’ve been saying all summer long that summer’s not over. Except now, for most of us, it really truly is. We’ll do anything to keep the glow going for as long as we can, well into the Fall! Short of taking good care of our sun kissed skin (which we strongly advise), wearing white - lingerie or otherwise - is a not so secret way to keep our summer tan impossibly fresh.

French lingerie brands are particularly good at designing gorgeous white collections. Here’s a compilation of gorgeous models available to you right now:

Stella White by Empreinte

The Stella lingerie line by deep cup specialist Empreinte is claiming to be reinventing seduction with this model, and we believe them! With its intricate embroidery and alluring arabesques, women’s beauty and character will reveal themselves naturally. Hey Stella!!! (comment if you know where this last bit came from)

Motif Memory Foam by Chantelle

Manufactured with up to 70% recycled fabrics, the Motif Memory Foam bra by Chantelle features an open lace band in a modern geometric style and was designed with memory foam for optimal comfort and support.

Parisian Allure by Chantelle

What is more Parisian than a plunging neckline? There are few things more alluring than a plunge down between a woman’s curves. The Chantelle Parisian Allure bra promises fit, support and style, things that may seem mutually exclusive more often than we’d like them to be!

Belle Illusion by Lou Lingerie

Both sophisticated and demure - also things that are too often known to be mutually exclusive - the Belle Illusion brassiere offers the ideal mix of support and ease. It’s perfection on its own, but will also be super under a shirt or a sweater.

Stripes by Lou Lingerie

A white bra can be anything but dull, check out what Lou Lingerie did with its modern lingerie line Stripes! Bra shown in a chic ivory color with a vertiginous plunge, briefs with an ultra flattering cut. Comfort galore courtesy of Ms. Microfiber.

Bahia by Aubade

Bahia by Aubade is the classic of all classics. This emblematic line has been in existence for a long time and we’ve never grown tired of it. How could we? Look at it! With its graphic and floral pattern and different Bahia bra shapes + extra hip-hugging briefs in pure, bright white, it is just striking.

Chantilly Intemporel by Louis Bracq

Timeless Chantilly, and just as sweet and decadent as whipped cream. Louisa Bracq’s permanent Chantilly collection, with its graphic lines and beaded medallion, is a boudoir favorite.

August 23, 2020 
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