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Louisa Bracq French lingerie

A Day in the Simple Life

With Louisa Bracq lingerie as our only indulgence

The good life is the simple life. Great thinkers have been pondering this philosophy for more than two thousand years. Frugal simplicity was, for a long time and for many, not a choice but a necessity.

Jodie by Louisa Bracq

Do you remember the times when connection was hard work? When you had to throw a blue silk dress atop your Louisa Bracq foam-padded Jodie bra and walk a mile to the nearest phone booth to call… anyone?

Jodie, as in La Foster, a girl after our own heart, who seems to know all about retreating in the humble life for sanity’s sake. Jodie, who therefore inspired this very line made especially for women who seek simple, sleek, classic elegance, and who understand that "back to basics" and "less is more" is a source of balance and peace. Jodie, here shown in nude. 

Rouge à Lèvres Lipstick by Louisa Bracq

Living the simple life was for a long time deemed a moral virtue. But with the advent of capitalism and consumerism, a system and a philosophy of life arose that valued the plenty, the abundance, the rolling in it. There now seems to be a growing interest in rediscovering the benefits of simple living. And back again we go. But we are most interested in exploring the balance between both, that middle earth of sorts that allows us to pick which goods to be frugal with, and which to shamelessly splurge on.

And the latter includes Rouge à Lèvres (“Lipstick”), a Louisa Bracq lingerie series that comes in a delicious bitten lip shade of red. With its geometric leather strap embroidery and a knit so silky it’s impossible not to touch, Lipstick is seduction to the max. Jodie is in good company. Virtue has its limits and a little decadence has never hurt anyone, don’t you think?

Infinite Mandarine by Louisa Bracq

We’ve retreated to the small town for the summer. All the necessities are within a short distance from each other and we couldn’t be happier. This used to be the way, but is now a luxury for the many who lead a gripping modern life in a sprawling metropolis, somewhere in the world.

For example, we can throw on a skirt, a light blouse, and our wireless Infinite Mandarine bra with its floral embroidery, and hop on over to this small convenience store right around the corner, where we can have our fruit and eat it too. And also buy a postcard to send grandma. Don’t forget to write to your grandparents. Aren’t they the ones, after all, who passed the simple living rules on to you?

Matyö by Louisa Bracq

Frugality resides in that the many entertainment options and digital stimuli we’ve grown accustomed to may not be available to us at this time. Napping has become paramount to occupy oneself during the long stretches of our digital dieting days. It has become a staple of our summer 2020, particularly with a vintage mustard velvet couch at arm’s reach.

Stripped down to our Louisa Bracq Matyö push-up bra and go-with Brazilian panties, we’d lay down, embroidery to upholstery, bare skin to velvet, and relish in the cool relief brought to us on a blazing summer afternoon.

Matyö by Louisa Bracq

Dogs are the very best co-pilots to help us navigate simple living. They embody it really, driven by not much more than natural needs and instincts. Take our good boy Rufus: he lives only in the present moment, completely immersed in the food he’s eating or the walk he’s being taken on. He's happy for what he has and does not dwell on what he doesn’t have.

So we channeled Rufus, ignoring the garments we’re clearly missing, and instead, fully focusing on the ones we do have: the Matyö scarf bra and shorty, and a classic shelled Louisa Bracq basket bra.

Elise by Louisa Bracq

As the day fades into the evening, there’s nothing like a bout of good ole’ TV time to relax in our favorite lingerie set Elise. Its leafy pattern and a color reminiscent of shallow waters in a dreamy lagoon make this line a resonating call for the outside, which we hear loud and clear and will be sure to respond to… tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day in the simple life.

July 31, 2020 
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