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La Matissienne by Antigel Lise Charmel

Let’s Go Tropical

Florals are in bloom in this summer's French swimwear collections

Tropical flowers are blooming everywhere right now, in nature but also on the high-end lycra of this summer’s French swimwear collections. Hibiscus, orchids, luscious foliage… we’ve even spotted a wild feline or two! 

Because girls just wanna have sun, Lingerie Française has gathered the very best of French swimwear with floral prints. Ideal for good times and tan lines, these swimsuits will get you ready to tropic like it’s hot * da dum tss *

Danse de Feuilles by Aubade

Danse de Feuilles by Aubade

In a tropical explosion, the Danse de Feuilles triangle bra in Hawaiian black (with coordinated Brazilian briefs or Bikini shorty) by Aubade enters a friendly competition with its sister, the Danse de Feuilles one-piece suit in Hawaiian pink with bright yellow foliage. Which will you settle on?

Couleur d’Été by Aubade

Seaside camouflage, but not really because Tahitian #flowers. The tiarés and this gorgeous shade of blue will be the best beach companions, and built-in bra support will ensure that everything stays in place even while frolicking in the raging waves in Couleur d’Été by Aubade. Buy it now!

Sun Feu by Empreinte

Striking florals and great support for this padded bikini top enhancing the bust line just right, and looking oh so cute with its knotted bikini bottoms. We will relish playing mermaid in Sun Feu by Empreinte. Get it for yourself.

L’Avatar by Antigel

Let's be the happiest with tropical prints in the happiest color of the spectrum. Antigel knows how to take care of our morale by adding touches of bright orange to our summer. Beach or no beach, we are so getting L’Avatar sexy one-piece suit (shown on the left) for ourselves.

Diamond Beach by Maison Lejaby

Diamond Beach by Maison Lejaby. Because we needed a little metallic orange and green foliage in this article. The halter neck, which can be adjusted or untied, is super flattering thanks to the gathered top. Made in raw materials straight from Italy, everything about this one-piece suit feels plush. So much so that special occasions should be created just for it. Ahem * pool party *. It's half off right now. Order it before it's all gone!

Bamboo by Chantelle

One-piece suits have been all the rage these past couple years. And since what women want, women should get, Chantelle has created the excellent Bamboo one-piece underwire swimsuit in a zesty color and with a back cutout that resembles the shadow of palm trees on our skin. Also discounted right now.

Bay by Chantelle

A tropical print in bright neutral shades for this gorgeous bikini designed for full bust support. Bay by Chantelle is such a must-have classic silhouette for this summer! Get yours and the swim briefs that go with.

Jungle Panthère by Lise Charmel

And if you really want to go unequivocally tropical, you might wanna consider going total look with loud tropical prints, bursting flowers, panthers and a bra + briefs + beach dress shirt trio. Enter aptly named Jungle Panthère by Lise Charmel.

La Matissienne by Antigel

French painter Henri Matisse once said: “Seek the strongest color effect possible... the content is of no importance.” Mission accomplished for Antigel, who definitely found the strongest color effect for its collection of flamboyant swimsuits, La Matissienne. Get any of it immediately if not sooner, and seize the summer before it passes you by: the one-piece swimsuit, the padded bandeau top, the pareo.

July 24, 2020 
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