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Everything You Need To Color-block Hard This Summer truly french

Everything You Need To Color-block Hard This Summer

The beaches are awaiting!

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s shiny, warm, and saturated with sun rays. Summer is officially here tomorrow, brought to us by the summer solstice of June 21st. And while we gradually uncover our pale, scaly skin and expose it again to the warm caress of the sun, we can’t help but wonder: what swimsuits should we get our hands on right now to look our very best on the newly reopened beaches?

We could go motifs all day long, but color-blocking holds a special place in our hearts, a place made evident by the ease and the boldness of wearing a swimsuit with one - or two - of the brightest colors out there. And the colors are bright right now, and go with everything!

Our French brands designed a flurry of color-block swimsuits, here are our favorites:

Fisher Girl bikini by Passionata

“Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream and I'll give you love unfolding”. That was Jim Morrison's emerald dream, THIS is ours. Let’s see what you can catch in your nets this summer while sporting the Fisher Girl bikini by Passionata.

Norma Jeane by Maison Lejaby

That knot though! We’re all about the easy breezy, super flattering shape of this bikini, which coincidentally was named after one of the sexiest women to ever grace this earth. It also comes in a shade of green we love love love. Norma Jeane by Maison Lejaby.

Sculp by Maison lejaby

Pick your potion for the summer: conjure tropical beaches and cocktails the color of sunsets, or bring the lush, fresh countryside air to you. PS: we wouldn't be mad if you mixed and matched. Head for the beach with Sculpt in coral or to the countryside with Sculpt in grass green, both by Maison Lejaby. 

Lise Charmel swimwear

How about pink? How about hot pink for those unafraid of standing out?! Much like the Jeux d’Anneaux bikini by Lise Charmel does, with its unusual ring hooks that make our sun-kissed shoulders look deliciously couture. 

Jeux d’Anneaux bikini by Lise Charmel

The Jeux d’Anneaux bikini by Lise Charmel in royal blue, because we need options, don’t we?

Dream Lagon by Empreinte

A bouquet of fluttery petals flourishing on the right strap sure elevates this bikini top to a whole new level of body adornment! Dream Lagon by Empreinte is the absolute feminine swimwear, shown here in the dreamy lagoon color.

Dream Zenith by Empreinte

The fluttery petals are back, this time with a sunny disposition in a bright yellow, and perfectly centered at the middle of the perfect bikini top. Dream Zenith by Empreinte is a dream indeed, perfectly designed for a leisurely life by the pool. 

Empreinte swimwear

Color-blocking can come in a timeless cut and a classic color, as proven by Empreinte’s Escale Eclipse one-piece swimsuit. The one-shoulder look and the ultra textured fabric make it one sexy must-have for this summer.

Beauté Sublime by Aubade

Can’t. Get. enough. Of the asymmetrical look. What an eye catcher Beauté Sublime by Aubade is with its two stretches of bright yellow and pink fabric! A swimsuit for the daring beauties out there to be reckoned with.

the Beauté Sublime triangle top by Aubade

In another fruity explosion, the Beauté Sublime triangle top by Aubade enters a friendly competition against its sister the Couleur de Rêve bandeau top. Which shape and color will you settle on? Our vote goes towards both!  

Smoking by Maison Lejaby

The elegance of a tuxedo, the comfort of a one-piece suit, Smoking by Maison Lejaby has it all, and so will you to conquer luxury cruises, fancy rooftop pools and exotic beaches alike!

June 20, 2020 
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