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Aya Nakamura French musician artist

French Black Voices We should All Be Listening To

Let them rise, let us be transported

This is not a joke, this is a revolution. Our black brothers and sisters are risking their lives everyday by just being who they are. No one can ever understand the constant fear they must experience. All we know is: it needs to stop and we are all responsible. Black lives matter to us, as do their wealth of contributions to the world, to our world, to every single one of us.

Here’s our homage through the music and voices of our favorite up-and-coming black artists from France. #blacklivesmatter


She might sing in English but make no mistake, Kiara is very French. A Multi-instrumentalist emerging from the neo-Soul movement, she delivers to us intoxicating riffs, emotional lyrics and a much needed tender musical moment with her first EP, Black Garden.


R&B, a genre long banished from France’s radio waves for being such a departure from what the French traditionally enjoy, is now taking France by… downpour. Not quite by storm, but there’s definitely an audience for it and new artists are emerging; one of which we like very much. Franco-Congolese Jaïa Rose introduces us to her aesthetically stunning universe with 1000MG and a suave, sensual voice fit for singing out her generational disillusion.


Lovely Lucie is coming out of The (French) Voice with a very danceable pop music hit that will forever have our hearts and be stuck in our heads. With beaucoup romantism, Lucie sings to us about her crush… who didn’t “move it move it” fast enough and lost his opportunity with her. Thankfully, that lack of audacity is not one of Ms. Vagenheim’s problems, making her one of the top rising stars of the French pop music scene in 2020.


Aya Nakamura, the queen of French urban music, delivers another hit to the world. It may not fit the stereotypical view of what France is and what we’ve let you/led you to believe. You should know that this is, absolutely and definitely, France too. In her songs, Queen Aya calls for respect, female empowerment and rise against colorism. This woman is pure power. Enjoy this come-to-Jesus musical intermission.

Repeat after us. BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.
May 31, 2020 
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