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Fresh French Approach to Lingerie London Loft

A Fresh French Lingerie Event

The Fresh Face of French Lingerie

The London French Lingerie Loft  was three days full of activities for guests to enjoy from lingerie brand presentations, professional bra-fittings, an ornate display of antique lingerie pieces, as well as a chance to enjoy panel discussions with hosts such as Monica Harrington  (professional Lingerie stylist) Camille Mari  (French fashion & beauty influencer living in London), Ashely James  (DJ, Model and Body Positive Activist) Caryn Franklin  MBE (fashion industry expert and body positivity activist for size) Georgina Horne  aka Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (Plus Size and Proud Underwear Influencer), Alexandra Fullerton  (Stylist and Fashion Director at Glamour Magazine) and Susanna Cordner  (V&A ‘Un Dressed’ exhibition Historian). 

While French Lingerie  has existed for centuries, the latest London Lingerie Loft definitely reflected all of the evolution in the space - both physical and psychological evolution.

Women are ever freer to choose in their lives - the roles they play be it Executive, Friend, Mother, or Mistress, or some combination thereof. They choose their profession, their passions, their playtimes, their partners - all in keeping with what works for them. No longer interested in perfection, they are interested in personal satisfaction, personal fulfilment and personal comfort.

French Lingerie Loft  has understood this profound change in women's attitudes and status, and organised an event which was simultaneously fulfilling and fun, with workshops on body-confidence, and workshops on cocktails...

Alain de Rodellec, Promincor President with guests at Cocktail Bar

Guests enjoying Cocktail Workshop!

Promincor/Lingerie Francaise  has kept abreast of the #metoo movement, as well as expanding the minds and the size selection offered by its members. The cutting edge in lingerie is not about lace, its about laissez-faire and the notion that women should have a vast selection of products and sizes to fit all of them, and all of the roles they want and need to play everyday and on special occasions.

Activists and shoppers mixed and mingled discussing diversity, inclusivity and the elegance of embroidery! As Francophiles know, France has a history of strong women, and strong women have strong feelings about something as intimate and important as lingerie!

  1. A Workshop on new ways to wear lingerie: model wears Implicite's Revolution Bra

Promincor – Lingerie Francaise Organization and included brands: Antigel , Antinéa , Aubade , Chantelle , Empreinte , Eprise , Epure , Implicite , Lise Charmel , Lou, Louisa Bracq , Maison Lejaby, Passionata , and Simone Pérèle.
The event is made possible thanks to the financial support of DEFI, the Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Clothing (
October 18, 2019 
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