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French Lingerie Loft in London

French Lingerie Loft in London

Lingerie Française in London!

Direct from Paris, from the people who love powerful women, and powerful lingerie – FRENCH LINGERIE LOFT  has come to London October 18,19,20. The French Lingerie Loft brings together Antigel , Antinéa , Aubade , Chantelle , Empreinte , Eprise , Epure , Implicite , Lise Charmel , Lou, Louisa Bracq , Maison Lejaby , Passionata , and Simone Pérèle ; the 14 brands represented by Lingerie Française, Promincor.

Opening last night for a select VIP audience, the evening began with an address by Alain de Rodellec, President of Promincor . With years of experience in the international lingerie industry, Alain has been following the evolution of the market - and its customers - very closely as media and politics shape the ideas and the desires of women around the world making them a more powerful force across the globe.

To highlight an evening of French inspired style, guests were served delicious French martini cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres, and enjoyed showcase presentations by the lingerie brands present. Goodie bags with featured gifts from Jean-Paul Gaultier , Nuxe , and other brands were handed out to the VIP attendees.

The launch event welcomed fashion, beauty and lifestyle celebrities, including lingerie lovers Gizzi Erskine and Laura Pradelsk and London fashion influencers Ana Maddock , Camille Mari  and Maya Ansar .

French Lingerie Loft  comes to London – full of choice lingerie, of course – but also offering a choice selection of modern voices to speak to the women of London about current topics like diversity, body positivity, and most importantly body confidence. French women are renowned for their body confidence, and often say this starts with great lingerie.

The Arboretum , the eco-style venue near Trafalgar Square, has been transformed into a chic loft style space. In this beautiful space, the French Lingerie Loft  is an oasis of luxurious lingerie-related presentations, and fashions. Glamorous workshops; selfie tips; perfect-fit individual appointments are offered, and illustrators and fashion bloggers will all be present to speak on panels, as well as interact with the Lingerie Loft guests. The three day event is held October 18-19-20. Admission is free, but sign-up here to be guaranteed a space: Doors open 10am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday, 10am to 5pm on Sunday.
The event is made possible thanks to the financial support of DEFI, the Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Clothing (

October 18, 2019 
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