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French Definitions of Femininity

Cultural Definitions of Femininity

Sylvie Itzhak of Storia IntimaAn interview with an International French Lingerie Consultant

Sylvie Itzhak of Storia Intima is not just an expert in the field of Lingerie, she is a multi-tasking, multi-function leader. From Consulting, to market development, and the development of prototypes, Sylvie enjoys all of it, and particularly her role as a teacher in special courses she gives for the Federation of Lingerie and other professional organizations.
“French Lingerie has a well deserved reputation for quality and fit”, says Itzhak, “and of course its power of seduction! The history of lingerie is closely tied to France, and notions of femininity and its strengths”. Parisiennes are recognized all over the world for their femininity, and it has nothing to do with ruffles or the color pink, but everything to do with the power of women.

Having traveled the globe for her professional life, visiting factories in Asia, conducting market research in America or the Middle East or South America, Itzhak has pertinent takeaways:
“Femininity is defined culturally all over the world. Lingerie preferences in Asia are very different from those in Russia for example.” She notes the Asian preference for pastels, though brides choose red in that culture. The Japanese culture is extremely refined, every detail considered and perfected. In Russia there seems to be a very extravagant taste, somewhat theatrical in its preferences.
She notes that in the middle east – whether it is orthodox jews in Israel, or observant muslims in Arab countries both these women are very covered in public, but very feminine and lacey in private.
In those parts of Africa where French Lingerie is available, the women – for example in Ivory Coast – are described by Itzhak as “très coquette” – very interested in beautiful lingerie and how it makes them look and feel.
In South America she notes the Colombian women are particularly interested in lingerie, and prefer very sophisticated styles. The Brazilian women are also excellent clients for French lingerie, but have a more Beach and Seashore attitude. American women tend to lean toward a kind of sporty elegance she finds.
Itzhak regrets that leaner budgets have made for fewer of the in-house laboratories of companies like Chantelle, Simone Perele and Lise Charmel. These specific laboratories give these important brands the possibility and the opportunity to test new fabrics and new production techniques to ensure quality and innovation in their products.
Despite the evolution of the market, French lingerie remains the standard for excellence in the field, all over the globe.

Chantelle Paris in the Middle East
August 07, 2019 
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