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Soft stretch Chantelle

Overthrow underwear - The French Revolution by Chantelle

Soft Stretch, the extraordinary high tech fabric developed by CHANTELLE, gave its name to what has become, not only their top selling line, but in a sense the concept that is driving the new look and new inspiration of the brand.

Leaving behind ruffles and lace, the very French brand CHANTELLE  has embraced the new woman, and her new incarnation. As #Metoo and other feminist and social movements come to the fore, CHANTELLE  has expanded its offer to include a completely inclusive line – one size fits all with Soft Stretch.

The most recent campaign, shot by Renaud Cambuzat, the Head of Branding, Image, Creative and Communication for CL group (Chantelle, Passionata, Chantal Thomass) gives us a varied selection of models moving and stretching – even tugging at the underwear to show us just how easily it stretches. Significantly, the line is modeled by women of color and of a complete gamme of sizes.

Dancers wear the Soft Stretch line in an Instagram series, displaying the grace and ease of this 21st century lingerie.

New to the line is a V-neck bra (lette) – a modern, versatile and adaptable part of a woman’s wardrobe.

A genuine revolution, for not only the brand Chantelle, but for the world of lingerie. A genuine evolution in the way women feel about lingerie, and the way they feel about themselves.

May 10, 2019 
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