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Valentine's Day à la Française

Valentine's Day à la Française

How To Fêter le St. Valentin or Valentine’s Day à la Française
Here are some Valentine’s Day’s suggestions a la Française to insure yours is a memorable moment of romance:

1. Don’t go out to dinner

Sadly, February 14this actually a terrible night to go to a restaurant! Most restaurants set fixed menus to streamline things for their overburdened kitchen staff so if you actually manage to get a hold of one of the harried waiters, your meal may arrive too cold, too cooked or not at all. 
Not sexy at all!
Why not plan a romantic meal at home instead? 
Of course you could do take out, but what about something simple like an amazing bread (German or Russian brown breads are especially delicious) toasted and buttered and served with slices of smoked salmon garnished with very thinly sliced scallions and champagne or vodka? 
Or Baby potatoes, boiled or steamed with sour cream and caviar (the real stuff or the supermarket stuff depending on your budget)? 
You could even make scrambled eggs with sour cream and fresh chives served on toast - pretty, delicious and easy…

2. Lingerie

Red. Or black or white or blue or pink or purple with embroidered flowers. Absolutely whatever you love and makes you feel beautiful.
Think out of the box: a bodysuit under a white shirt, a transparent blouse that reveals the push-up bra underneath, cutaway shoulders with lace straps peeking out…

3.Don’t postpone the romance

Those of you who are fans of French movies, or novels like Diane Johnson’s Le Divorce, may have clued into the difference in timing for the French. 
While Anglo-Saxons often spend an entire evening on the build-up: drinks, then dinner, candles, baths, or other elaborate stratagems the French often cut to the chase - or the bedroom. We want the blood pumping to your heart, not to your stomach for digestive purposes!
While it might be nice to start the evening with a glass of champagne, or wine, a segue directly to the romance can be a very delightful and exciting way to begin your Valentine’s Day celebration.
A champagne supper to follow allows you to relax, enjoy, and perhaps recommencer!

February 04, 2019 
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