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Press Sees "Lingerie Rocks" as a Showcase for the Modern Woman

Press Sees “Lingerie Rocks” as a showcase for the Modern Woman.

The “Lingerie Rocks” Fashion show was a tremendous success for both its creator Lingerie Française, and its industry. The select group of spectators appreciated the stellar venue, the historic Centorial nestled in the heart of Paris, and the latest lingerie styles but most importantly the vision put forth by the show.

Four themes: Rock Like a Boy, We Love Green, Girls Don’t Cry, and Glamrock Attitude characterized the show, presenting the latest lingerie trends as they reflect the evolution of women and the style of today. Rock Like a Boy with its tomboy appeal, We Love Green in a nod to the bohemian eco-sensibility, Girls don’t Cry and its black perfectos over vividly colored lingerie, and Glamrock Attitude a fresh riff on white lingerie with fabulous lamé leather accessories.

This is a relentlessly modern woman, whose busy professional life is balanced with the personal need to start every day by putting on something beautiful, comfortable and handmade. Press coverage of the show noted that the “Lingerie Rocks” fashion show presented a woman completely in sync with her time: a strong, vibrant, joyful woman; calm and courageous in these complicated #metoo times, fearless and assured in her self-confidence.

Crédit: Thomas Deron

January 24, 2019 
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