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Simone Perele Turns 70!

Happy Birthday Simone Perele

70 Years of Incredible Innovation

Seventy years ago, a charming and energetic woman named Simone launched a small made-to-order corsetry business. Her mandate: To liberate women from the constraints of traditional corsets and marry comfort with aesthetics. Starting first in her own home making satin bras by hand, she worked diligently at her trade and was eventually joined by her husband, referred to simply as “Monsieur Pérèle.” 

Over the course of three decades Simone Pérèle grew her business, with changes in her lingerie reflecting changes in the social evolution of women: from the girdle to the revolution of Lycra, with and without underwire, and in every innovative fabric and design. After decades at the helm of the enterprise, Simone Pérèle turned over the business to her daughter and her son. A generation later, the marketing and creative development reins were turned over to her grand-daughter, Stephanie Pérèle.  This longevity is part of the magic behind the brand, as generations have worked together harmoniously and creatively, breaking innovative ground along the way on an international scale. (Click here for more  on landmarks in the history of Simone Pérèle.)

To celebrate their remarkable 70 year legacy, Simone Pérèle has launched a new collection aptly named “1948” that features padded contour bras with gorgeous Italian top-stitched stain bands and tie-up lacing detail on the back, and bold bustiers with intricately embroidered sheer tulle, among other gems. Here's a quick look at the latest homage to Madame Pérèle...

November 29, 2018 
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