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Jen Wonders

A Parisian in La La Land

The wonders of Jen Wonders

Featured above: Jen Azoulay of Jen Wonders

She calls herself a Parisian living in La La Land. Jen (aka Jennifer Azoulay) followed the sun from France to California, where she quickly became a leading fashion influencer. A former visual merchandiser at Dior and fashion stylist for ELLE Magazine in Paris, Jen has that iconic French touch we know and love.  We adore the way she showcases her ultra-cool and sometimes flamboyant style, from local beaches to the desert. Her Instagram feed and website are windows into that world as she explores not only the best of fashion, but the startling beauty of her adopted land. About a recent road trip around the American west to see the “wonders of Mother Nature” Jen writes: “It all started with an idea..but we were far from imagining how amazing and beautiful America is.”

In fact, it was precisely because of these wonders of the world that Jen called her blog "Jen Wonders." We just call it wonderful.

We recently caught up with Jen and asked her a few questions in our series on French influencers in the U.S.

What was your first experience with lingerie and what informed you?
My mom had a famous lingerie store in Paris during my whole childhood. Lingerie was always a part of my life. I used to spend my weekends and after school time in that store! So my first beautiful bra came from there and my mom was the one who advised me like a pro!

In your experience in both countries, how do you perceive the main difference between French and American women when it comes to our relationships to our bodies?
I think there is definitely a difference. I feel like French women are trying less to reach ultimate perfection, whereas Americans are either working on their body a lot more - or not at all. It’s more about extremes in America.

What would you say to the next generation of young girls about lingerie and its relationship to their bodies?
I would tell them not to try so hard and to accept your body because nobody is perfect. And that a good cut and beautiful lingerie can help a lot!

Do you wear lingerie for yourself or for your partner?
For myself! My husband doesn’t really care about it.

Lingerie sets: To match or not to match?
I love the idea of matching, but in real life I don’t match all the time!

Nude or color – what’s your preference?
I am very classic about colorswhen it comes to my lingerie. I love nudes, blush, black…

Innerwear as outerwear: yes or no? If yes, how do you wear innerwear as outerwear?
Yes! Bodysuit are made to wear as outerwear - under a blazer or with jeans.

Tell us one surprising thing about you that nobody would suspect.
That I have 2 kids! Everyone seems very surprised when I tell them.

July 26, 2018 
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