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The Perfection of Imperfection

The Perfection of Imperfection

Maison Lejaby Celebrates Real Women

Maison Lejaby is kicking off its 2018 advertising campaign celebrating the idea of “perfect imperfections.” Following in the footsteps of its previous iconic campaigns, it has created a gallery of women’s portraits, capturing candid, fleeting moments that show women in their most natural state-of-being: self confident, comfortable, authentic. 

The portrait campaign is accompanied by short movies that highlight the singular perfection of that trait we call "imperfect.” Inspired by the famous Proust questionnaire, individual women answer a number of pointed questions. In so doing, the spontaneity and singularity of each women emerges - an ode to the profound individuality of all women.

The portrait gallery is changing: This season photographer Harley Weir brings this new campaign to life. Known for a benevolent eye that's not shackled to beauty norms, Weir celebrates feminine diversity. The goal of this autodidact, who has collaborated with the biggest names in luxury and fashion, is to touch the heart and mind of the viewer. 
The film campaign is directed by Leo Haddad, whose intimate eye reveals everyday personalities in this series of free-spirited portraits. In voiceover, questions are asked by Alice Pfeiffer, a fashion journalist specializing in gender issues, feminism and sociology related to fashion.   This gallery represents a cross-section of women, from models and artists to students.

Check out the first three videos in Maison Lejaby’s on-going series below:

French actress Angèle Porte Gaby:

The Catalan painter Bianca Porte Hanaé: 

The Irish model and painter Sal Taylor:

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