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The Latest in Ultra French Cool

Say Bonjour to the Latest in Ultra French Cool

Implicite Lingerie launches in the U.S.

French women have many secrets, and one of them is where they get their wickedly wonderful lingerie. Since 2007, they've reveled in the sexy-chic of Implicite, which is inspired by the lives and loves of la Parisienne. Now American women can finally enjoy this oh-so-French lingerie with its exclusive online launch in the U.S.

The embodiment of effortless sexiness, Implicite lingerie brings Parisian chic to life in seductive sheer mesh and tulle, with a hint of rock-and-roll and a slightly rebellious spirit. This new generation of French lingerie is bold but always feminine, wearable but always chic, and mysterious but always playful. 

Implicite's savvy design team is led by women who understand how to play with lingerie everyday. “We are always creating, discovering new fabrics, studying every catwalk and café, capturing the French cool, and bringing it to you,” says Implicite designer Verity. “Because feeling beauty and powerful is sexy.” Cheers to that!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our favorite French gems from Implicite: 

February 13, 2018 
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