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Designed in France

Designed in France, Bien Sûr

Inside the Creative Universe of Constance Guisset

Light fixtures"Designed in France" is synonymous with quality and razor-sharp creativity. (No one knows that better than French lingerie designers!) In just a few years, Constance Guisset has embodied the term as a veritable powerhouse of design creativity in France. With an exceptionally poetic and eclectic eye, Guisset has designed experimental work that spans everything from interior design, textiles, and performing arts spaces to to video and architecture projects. 

In 2009, Guisset founded Constance Guisset Studio, where a team of designers under her tutelage create ergonomic, dynamic and sometimes dreamy objects and installations.  The recipient of many awards (the Grand Prix du Design de la Ville de Paris, the Prix du Public at the Design Parade festival, and “Designer of the Year” award at the Salon Maison & Objets, among others), Guisset has also created stage sets for ballets and concerts, as well as prestigious exhibition designs.

Interior design, lobby of The Novotel, The HagueThe Musée des Arts Décoratifs is now tipping its hat in homage to Guisset with a retrospective of ten years of creation. “Constance Guisset, Actio !” invites visitors to explore the multi-disciplinary work of Guisset’s creative universe. A must-see at the museum until March 11, 2018. 
January 27, 2018 
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