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Real Women

Real Women

Why Self Esteem is a Woman's Greatest Asset

Featured above: Ysaora Thibus as “Simone”

“Self esteem is a woman’s greatest asset,” Simone Pérèle once said – and we’re talking about the real Simone Pérèle: The woman behind the brand who worked tirelessly starting in the mid-1940’s to liberate women from the constraints of the traditional corset, and went on the launch one of the most successful French lingerie brands. 

Never have Simone Pérèle’s words rung more true than today, when the connection between self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being is pretty much undeniable.

It’s in this spirit that Simone Pérèle launched its Fall/Winter campaign that exalts real women in their real, everyday lives, each one imbued with that essential connection to themselves. These women are given the name “Simone” as brand ambassadors, but each one comes with her unique sense of self: artists, fencers, writers. Fearlessly plying their trade, these women embody the contemporary and authentic spirit that is at the heart of Simone Pérèle, the woman and the brand. 

Check out two “Simone’s” below: Ysaora Thibus and Annina Roescheiser, fencer and artist respectively. (And for more behind the scenes, check out our interview with Stephanie Pérèle.) 

Ysaora Thibus as “Simone”

Annina Roescheiser as “Simone”

January 19, 2018 
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