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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Hot Colors in Cool Weather

Featured above: Simone Pérèle
We walked the streets of Paris with a video camera in hand to find out what French women think about one of the most essential fashion elements: color. Because here's the deal: Lingerie is a part of fashion in France and has important aesthetic appeal. It's just not an "undergarment" that's purely utilitarian. French women choose their color in lingerie not only according to what they’re wearing, but also according to how it makes them look and feel as the seasons change

And so it's no surprise that in our video below, one French woman says that she has lots of red lingerie because "red is the color of passion." Another loves burgundy "because it's feminine but not too provocative." French women sing the praises of all sorts of colors that challenge the rainbow, from chocolate colors to corals to “vivid flamboyant colors” and the occasional wild leopard print ensemble. Certain signature French colors like cobalt and navy blues will always reign supreme (never mind classic black). But underneath the effortlessly chic and often subdued look of many French women, you’ll often find the surprising pop and seductive allure of color.

Check out our video below, followed by a spotlight on a few of our Fall favorites in luscious reds and burgundy.

Maison Lejaby



Louisa Bracq




November 16, 2017 
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