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Lise Charmel: Spring/Summer Inspired Romanticism

Lise Charmel's Inspired Romanticism

This Spring/Summer, Lise Charmel offers a collection in a lush palette that ranges in tone from romantic pastels to vivid and sexy colors. Emotion played an important role in evoking a more natural form of sensuality. A thread of modernity is woven into the collection as well, expressed in fabrics, design, and artisanal savoir-faire. Traditionally “hot” seduction is more elusive and in tune with the spirit of freedom, personal expression, and a softer femininity.

Maestria Andalouse is simultaneously elegant and alluring. Inspired by Andalusian art, it evokes the beauty in every woman with exquisite original finishing and a suggestive play of transparencies. Red and black, traditional symbols of desire, highlight this line's bold and passionate look. For Maestria Andalouse Lise Charmel created an exclusive and ultra-modern Leavers lace from Calais that features beautiful woven roses in a geometric pattern.

Sonate en Bleu is the sporty chic flagship line of the season. Blue and pink lace bring to life a radiant femininity that evokes the ebullient spirit of cruise ships and emerald seas. Sonate en Bleu also features an innovation in haute couture: a high-tech 3-color lace with polyamide, polyester and viscose fibers. This unique innovation in world-class lace, which is possible thanks to its sophisticated color gradients, reflects all the nuanced richness and delicacy of a flower.

With Aria Pastel, Lise Charmel has created a gorgeous floral print with a fresh, feminine and joyful look that's also inspired by the vibrant colors of nature. Thanks to ink-jet printing techniques, these bright floral patterns are enhanced with a unique luminosity. Ornate multi-thread embroidery adds to the refinement of this line, in addition to a zamak jewel with three iridescent Swarovski stones. 

March 16, 2016 
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